The foot is often considered the second heart of the human body. Our brand focuses on foot bath products designed to meet the needs of those seeking physical and mental balance and those looking to improve sleep quality. Through foot baths, we aim to bring moments of "healing sanctuary" to the busy daily lives of our customers. Additionally, our brand extends to foot care and maintenance products, striving to raise awareness about leg and foot health, emphasizing the importance of proper foot care.

The design inspiration is derived from the brand name "希宿" (SEESU), transformed into the concept of "constellation." This symbolizes healing and relaxation of the body and mind, akin to the stars in the night sky providing warm guidance to weary souls. The brand's color palette features varying shades of blue, creating a comfortable and leisurely tone.

The packaging design distinguishes foot bath products and tea bag products using paper bags and boxes, respectively. With printing techniques like white ink and hot stamping, the design presents a starry pattern effect. The overall minimalist design, complemented by detailed embellishments, conveys the brand's gentle and healing atmosphere, making each use feel like a therapeutic experience under the stars.
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