JOYWHEN 來自台北的九灰花藝工作室,將於2022年品牌成立的第五週年換上新的品牌識別,品牌精神想傳遞花朵陪伴無時無刻的喜悅為核心,更期望透過每束花來連結人與人之間生生不息的感染力,即使花朵期限有限,留下的心意仍可以被永恆存放,延長每朵花的意義與紀念。


JOYWHEN is a floral studio from Taipei, they will put on a new brand identity for the fifth anniversary  in 2022. The brand spirit wants to convey the joy of flowers accompanying all the time as the core, and hopes to connect people through each bouquet of flowers. The endless infectious power between them, even if the flower has a limited lifespan, the mind can be stored for eternity.

Brand logo is a joyful dance of a flower. The design method is transformed into an abstract and simple shape. It is also like the "silhouette" element accompanied by sunlight, which extends to more varied brand patterns. The overall vision brings out a warm and vibrant atmosphere through the pure white transparent color and the conspicuous orange color block. At the same time, the flower transparent card is also the concept of bookmark. When it is saved and used, it also seems to prolong the vitality of the flower.

PH:Yan Chen (Image) 、 Yu Fan Ye (Identity)

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